SPDConcepts Car Giveaway 003

2008 BMW e92 M3

Congratulations Jarvis Landers! From Phoenix, AZ

SPDConcepts Car Giveaway 003

2008 BMW e92 M3

Congratulations Jarvis Landers! From Phoenix, AZ

Every $1 Spent = 2 Entries

Deadline was February 8, 2019

SPDConcepts m3 Engine

Unrivaled Power

Tremendous V8 power designed to be lightweight in its prime to defeat the competition pulling almost 420 HP, coupled with a everlasting interior design.

SPDConcepts m3 interior
SPDConcepts m3 apexrims

Functional Stance

Riding on Apex Wheels on a square setup with Swift Spec-r Sport Springs to ensure the m3 will handle corners and high speeds at its best

SPDConcepts m3 spyder headlights

BMW Spyder Headlights

Aggressive Black housing clear lens projector headlights equipped with innovative LED DRL lights

SPDConcepts m3 spyder headlight dark
SPDConcepts m3 gts front lip

Downforce Solution

Equipped with GTS Front Lip that increases downforce and functionality. Not only does it help in high speeds, but also complement the car and create an aggressive appearance.

SPDConcepts m3 afd SideSkirts

Extended Sides

Giving a wider appearance and a more lower to street look, but watch your step when stepping out of the car

SPDConcepts m3 afd diffuser / csl spoiler

Aggressive Aerodynamic Parts

Featuring Aeroflow Dynamic e92 diffuser paired with CSL Trunk Spoiler for an added body finish and functional parts to diffuse air and reduce drag at high velocity

How to Enter

For Every $1 Spent = Automatic Entries into our Giveaway. For Example, if you were to purchase a $10 item you will receive 20 Entries. We keep track of ALL your entries and allow you to check how many entries you received as well! Check them by visiting My Account and click 'View My Entries' hyperlink. All orders will be displayed and you can view all items by entry count.

How the Winner is Chosen

Once the giveaway comes to an end, we send all entries received to our federally compliant and regulated sweepstakes company that will conduct the drawing. They will then enter all the entries received and conduct the drawing on a sophisticated computer-randomizer.

SPDConcepts m3 car giveaway 003