Every $1 = 1 Entry

Deadline was November 19th, 2019

BRZ Front

Striking Exterior

Wrapped in (Gloss LIght Ivory) finish for a one of a kind blend between white and cream

Rocket Bunny Kit BRZ

Functional Stance

Riding on the neverending style of WORK VSXX wheels accompanied with Airforce Suspension and v2 Management. Allowing for functional and stanced form.

SPDConcepts BRZ Work VS-XX Wheels

Weight Reduction

Equipped with VIS AMS Carbon Trunk for the weight reduction and a visually aggressive rear apperance.

SPDConcepts brz Tail Lights

Illuminated Rears

Tailights that make a statement as you pass by your competition and leave them in a blurred red after streak.

SPDConcepts brz headlights

Lighting the Dark

SPEC D Headlights that brighten even the darkest of roads.

SPDConcepts invidia exhuast brz

Sound of a Beast

A sound that sends shivers down one's spine, a sound to be reckoned with.

How to Enter

For Every $1 Spent = 10 Automatic Entries into our Car Giveaway. For Example, if you were to purchase a $10 item you will receive 100 entries. We keep track of ALL your entries and allow you to check how many entries you received as well! Check them by visiting My Account and click 'View My Entries' hyperlink. All orders will be displayed and you can view all items by entry count and how many entries recevied per Car Giveaway.

How the Winner is Chosen

Once the car giveaway comes to an end, all entries are then sent to our federally compliant and regulated sweepstakes company that will conduct the randomized drawing. They will then enter all the entries received and conduct the drawing on a sophisticated computer-randomizer. This process takes about 5-6 business days. Once the winner is randomly drawn, they will be contacted either by phone or email. So keep a look out for that notification when the giveaway concludes! Best of Luck to All of You!

Every $1 = 1 Entry

Deadline was November 19th, 2019