SPD Car Giveaways

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SPD Car Giveaway 001
2012 Subaru WRX

July 20th 2018

This Subaru was our very first car raffle. It was equipped with VRS Style Bodykit and Invidia Q300 exhaust. It was a 3 month raffle and the winner was Scott Aurelius from Danville CA.

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SPD Car Giveaway 002
2015 Subaru BRZ

Nov 30th 2018

SPD Car Giveaway 002 was a Rocket Bunny v3 Supercharged BRZ on Air lift v2 Suspension. After a 3 month raffle the winner was Kai lai from Houston, Texas!

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SPD Car Giveaway 003
2008 BMW E92 M3

Feb 8th 2019

The BMW E92 M3 was our third raffle and a daring one to giveaway. First to giveaway an M power Euro sports car. After a 2 month raffle the winner was Jarvis Landers from Phoenix, Arizona!

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SPD Car Giveaway 004
2006 Subaru WRX

May 8th 2019

SPD Car Giveaway 004 was our 4th car raffle. It featured a Karlton Widebody WRX in a Flashing Red Color! After a long anticipated 2 months, Sean Owens from JBLM, WA won the car!

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