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17000 Automatic Entries (Extra 2000!)

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    SPDConcepts VIP Members get exclusive limited edition products that non-members do not receive! Elite Members receive exclusive items such as t-shirts, hoodies/jackets, hats, and high quality anime or car stickers with their monthly membership.

    They also get 17,000 entries (1000 Extra Entries) into our active sweepstakes every month and a 10% discount in our store for more chances to win at a discount!

    Elite Membership ($75 per month ) may include:

    • 17,000 Entries (2000 Extra) into the active sweepstakes each month
    • Limited Edition T-shirt or T-shirts
    • Limited Edition Hoodie/Jacket
    • Limited Edition Hats
    • Premium stickers or accessory
    • 10% off in our online store

    **Product image does not show what you will receive. You will get 2-3 randomly selected items from the list above.


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